At Wellnx, we are proud to have developed a number of strong brands based on innovation and research with a special focus on the weight-loss market. There are approximately 75 million dieters in North America and the focus on maintaining a healthy weight is rapidly increasing. As a result, consumers are looking for effective, clinically substantiated weight-loss supplements and support. We manage to set ourselves to a high standard by providing customers with well-researched products and a clear commitment to informative customer service. This has been influential upon the role we play in the lives of millions of customers as we help them to achieve their health and weight-loss goals. Below is some more information on our brands.


Launched in 2005, SLIMQUICK has quickly become the #1 selling weight-loss brand for women. SLIMQUICK is the leader in female weight-loss because itís designed specifically for a womanís body and is scientifically formulated to overcome the six physiological barriers women face when losing weight.

The SLIMQUICK brand offers a number of weight-loss supplements to help consumers reach their goals. The SLIMQUICK product line includes: SLIMQUICK Caplets, SLIMQUICK Caffeine Free Caplets, SLIMQUICK Mixed Berries Packets, and SLIMQUICK RAZOR.

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NV Clinical gives you the fastest start to weight loss so that you stay motivated and on track to achieve your weight-loss goals! Only NV Clinical helps you lose significant pounds and inches in just 2 weeks.
NV Clinicalís exclusive formula contains key ingredients backed by 2 human clinical trials. Only NV Clinical helps you lose significant pounds and inches in just 2 weeks!
Also try NV Clinical Sprinkles, an easy way to reduce hunger by sprinkling on your favorite foods. The revolutionary formula has been shown in a clinical study to significantly reduce hunger and decrease food intake by 25%!

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Phytogenix Labs


ULTIMATE FAT BURNER provides clinical-strength weight-loss at an incredible price. Launched in 2010, ULTIMATE FAT BURNER delivers incredible value as well as effective and powerful weight-loss. In a 13-week clinical study, 100 subjects consumed just one of the 10 powerful herbs in ULTIMATE FAT BURNER along with a calorie reduced diet and lost an incredible 30 pounds! ULTIMATE FAT BURNER is for men and women and also contains an easy-to-follow diet and workout program.

ULTIMATE RASPBERRY KETONE. The weight loss supplement everyone is talking about!

Raspberry ketone is naturally found in red raspberries and are what gives them their sweet, fruity smell. ULTIMATE RASPBERRY KETONE is your trusted source for authentic raspberry ketone. Each bottle is carefully manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility to ensure 100% quality you can trust.


ULTIMATE GREEN COFFEE BEAN is your trusted source for authentic Svetol® Green Coffee Bean, a green coffee extract containing a unique compound of active phytonutrients. It comes from coffee beans that are unroasted and contains 45% chlorogenic acid, a key component for weight and fat loss. Each bottle is carefully made in an FDA-inspected manufacturing facility.

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ULTIMATE ABS is an extreme fat burner engineered specifically for men. New clinical research uncovered that a key compound in ULTIMATE ABS helps men to lose up to 35 pounds in just 90 days. ULTIMATE ABS scientifically substantiated formula is designed to crank up metabolism at the cellular level while seriously jacking up energy levels so you can get through the toughest workouts.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet are essential for weight-loss.